The Wiring Regulations Advisory Group (WRAG)

BS 7671 Requirements for electrical installations are produced and maintained by the joint BSI / IET committee JPEL/64.

Many of the requirements within BS 7671 are open to a degree of interpretation and so, historically, JPEL/64 would respond to enquiries on their application.

However, with the introduction of BS 0: 2011 A standard for standards - Principles of
standardization, which came into effect 1 on January 2012, to do so is no longer permitted.

4.3.2 Interpretation

Responsibility for interpreting a standard rests with its user, informed where
necessary by appropriate expert advice. Ultimately, the only body with the power
to give a definitive interpretation is a court of law.

To avoid undermining the basis for common expectations set out in 4.1.1, BSI
does not offer individual interpretations of standards.

Extract from BS 0: 2011

It is helpful to no-one if industry bodies issue conflicting advice and interpretations. This prompted the Electrical Safety Council (as was) to form and host a discussion forum comprising technical representatives from a number of bodies having a direct interest in the application of the requirements of BS 7671. The aim of this forum; formerly the Electrical Installation Forum, now the Wiring Regulations Advisory Group (WRAG) is to produce guidance on commonly occurring issues in the form of a series of questions and answers. As far as is possible, the WRAG tries to address an issue in a manner that is not specific to any particular enquiry.

Once agreed by its members, these questions and answers are posted on the Electrical Safety First website and also form the basis of guidance issued by other organisations represented on the Wiring Regulations Advisory Group (WRAG).

Electrical contractors and installers seeking technical advice on the application of the requirements of the 17th Edition (as amended) should contact their registration or trade body in the first instance. If the registration or trade body wishes to establish a consensus of opinion, they may refer the question to the forum for consideration. If the forum is able to agree on an appropriate answer, it will be added to the published guidance.

Whilst the questions and answers provided by the WRAG and published on the Electrical Safety First website are intended for use only by electrically competent persons, others such as landlords or members of the public may also find some of the content of some use to them when seeking advice on electrical installation matters.