Plug-in Energy Saving Devices

Energy saving devices

The prospect of a ‘plug and go’ device for saving money on electricity bills is likely to appeal to consumers given the continuing rise in energy prices.

Manufacturers of these devices, which are designed to be plugged into a domestic socket-outlet, claim an energy saving or reduction in electricity costs of up to 35%. However, Electrical Safety First has received a number of reports that such energy saving devices do not provide any net energy saving and might actually be electrically unsafe. 

An independent laboratory was commissioned to carry out limited safety and performance testing on a selection of commercially available products. 

Five energy saving samples were randomly selected and purchased. Each sample had a voltage range of 90-250 volts with rated loads ranging from 2500 watts through to 50,000 watts. 

The investigation revealed hazardous safety failures for all products tested, and all manufacturers’ energy saving claims were shown to be unjustified. The design of these devices is fundamentally flawed for a domestic installation and none of the manufacturers’ claims could be proven by the laboratory.