Plug Pin Gauge 2

Sub-standard and counterfeit electrical plugs can be deadly!

The Plug Checker has been developed to allow you to quickly check and ensure the plugs on your electrical appliances meet the required standards.

It enables the user to perform 3 simple tests, in which should the plug fail on any of these checks, the appliance should not be used as it could put you at risk.

Plug Checkers are available to purchase for £1 each + VAT. Discounts are available for orders of over 500 units.

Follow this link for instructions on how to purchase our plug checkers.

Common products which can often be found to not meet the required safety standards include:

• Chargers 
• Travel adapters 
• Hair straighteners 
• Fans 
• Kitchen appliances 
• Power tools

In the event that you identify a plug which does not meet the requirements outlined on the plug pin gauge you should:

1. Stop using the appliance that the plug is connected to immediately
2. Contact the retailer you purchased it from and inform them that the product is potentially unsafe and request a refund
3. Contact either Trading Standards or email us at to make us aware. The incident can then be dealt with by the relevant bodies to remove the product from future sale.

To protect yourself and reduce the risk of purchasing sub-standard and counterfeit products make sure you buy from reputable retailers. Be particularly careful when shopping online and make sure you know who you are buying from - sticking to manufacturers' websites or trusted High Street names.