Our Key Policies in Scotland

Our Campaigning and Policy Work in Scotland

Electrical Safety First works closely with the Scottish Government and Members of the Scottish Parliament, as well as other policy makers, to ensure that people are kept safe in their homes from accidents, injuries and fires caused by electricity. We deliver key statistics, respond to consultations, and produce policy and research reports.

Our key policies at-a-glance: 

  • A reduction in accidental house fires caused by electricity.
  • A common standard for electrical safety in all homes so that everyone, regardless of tenure, has equal protection from electrical risk.
  • Safeguards to protect rising tide of dangerous, sub-standard and counterfeit electrical products.
  • Measures to ensure the safety of domestic electrical installations, including easy-to-access routes to find registered electricians.
  • A clear focus on the future challenges for electrical safety, from the decarbonisation of energy in housing to the mainstreaming of electric vehicles.
  • You can download and read our full key policies here.

Current campaigns

Below are the current policy changes we are campaigning to achieve.  Our ‘Inequality Street’ campaign aims to secure electrical safety equality for all homes with a new common, cross-tenure, housing standard.  This should include mandatory, five-yearly, electrical safety checks across all tenures.  Through our ‘Short-Changed’ campaign we are seeking to ensure guests of Short-Term Lets (STLs), which have significantly increased in popularity in recent years, are protected from electrical risks.  We believe STLs should meet the same safety standards as the Private Rented Sector.

Our Campaigns in Scotland

Inequality Street

Campaigning for electrical safety equality, regardless of tenure, in Scottish homes.

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Identifying the gap in safety standards for short-term lets in Scotland

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