About Us

We’re Electrical Safety First, the UK’s leading charity on electrical safety. We want to make sure that everyone in the UK can use electricity safely, and regularly work with the media, government, businesses and electrical industry to spread our messages far and wide.

We campaign on issues that include product recall and registration, electrical DIY, the importance of using registered electricians and counterfeit electrical goods. As well as raising awareness with the public, we also work with politicians to ensure that the Government is doing all it can to keep people safe from electrical accidents.

Tools to help people stay safe

As well as our popular socket calculator and product recall checker, we have taken advantage of digital technology to develop tools that will help people stay safe when shopping online or wanting to check the electrical products in their homes are safe.

We have developed an app for Alexa Skills and Google Nest which you can use to check whether the products in your home have been subject to a recall or safety notice. 

 Our 'Check It Out' plug-in is available for Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge and Safari, and will let you know if you are buying from a third party seller on Amazon Marketplace or eBay, rather than from a trader you know and trust. 


Take a look at some of our proudest moments!

It can be difficult to reach younger audiences through traditional media so we use engaging digital content to target them. 

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Our websites for children and teens share electrical safety information in a fun and accessible way through games, quizzes and interactive learning. Teachers can download lesson plans and revision notes.

Switched On Kids

Our site for children aged up to 11.



For ages 11 and over. We also have a Revision App for secondary level Key Stage Three and GCSE Science students. Search for Twothirtyvolts in the Apple Store or Android Market.



Strength Through Difference

At Electrical Safety First we believe that everyone has the right to be safe from the dangers that electricity can present.  We are committed to a culture of inclusivity and equality, and believe that the diversity of our team is what empowers us to campaign on behalf of everyone in the UK, to keep them safe from electrical risk. 

In our small team we make sure that everybody’s voice is heard and that we are all able to use our individual experiences and unique talents in a truly collaborative approach to achieving the Charity’s goals. Our staff are valued and supported, and we believe that by acknowledging and respecting that we are all different, we are better able to represent all of the people we are working to protect.

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