Electrical Product Safety Conference 2015

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Our 2015 Product Safety Conference, Safer by Design, offered a range of presentations from expert speakers that covered the critical issues of the day.

Although the Government’s Review of Recalled Consumer Products – which was to be launched in time for the conference – has not yet been released, Lynn Faulds Wood, who led the Review and Chaired our event, offered key insights into her investigations.  Her closing remarks also made it clear that delegates’ feedback, on the expected recommendations in the report, was invaluable.

Delegates from throughout the supply chain found plenty of food for thought provided by the range of conference speakers. Downloads of their presentations can be found on this page, along with the conference brochure

For those who didn’t make it, the agenda also covered:

  • The ‘new’ Low Voltage Directive, which comes into effect next April. The changes require a documented risk assessment, including what constitutes ‘reasonable foreseeable use’ and ‘misuse’.
  • Gathering and using intelligence and data sources. Access to relevant, accurate data is essential for making informed decisions on anything from product design to evaluating a product recall.
  • The proliferation of online fake electrical products. The session included the launch of Electrical Safety First’s new report – A Shocking Rip-Off: the true cost of counterfeit electrical products.  A downloadable version is provided on this page.

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